About Us

Premium Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Mason works with luxury homeowners and homebuilders to create rooms that fit into your existing home design while adding innovative features seamlessly. When you choose Mason Elliott Designs, you get:

  • The most passionate kitchen designer in Asheville who goes the extra mile to bring your dream kitchen to life
  • Experience in a range of styles — including Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Rustic, Arts & Crafts, Old World, and even Transitional blends
  • An experienced Asheville bath designer who keeps your project moving toward completion
  • The best service, materials, and installation work — quality is imbued into every phase of your Asheville remodeling plans
  • Meaningful budgets and timelines, based on real costs and actual deadlines — you can rely on Mason Elliott Designs

Why Choose Mason Elliott Designs?​

Since 1994, Mason has empowered people just like you to pick the best design concepts, products, and services. He tailors your Asheville remodeling plans to your investment range and works closely with you to ensure your finished kitchen or bathroom project meets your expectations. There’s never a surprise, but always a delight.

Mason has built a reputation as a master kitchen designer in Asheville and Chattanooga. His insights and eye for detail impress every client. His passion for every design project is his trademark, and you can’t help but be swept up in his enthusiasm for what he can do for your home.

A top Asheville remodeling designer, Mason works with superior subcontractors and craftsmen to achieve your desired end result. He supervises and executes all phases of the job, from inception to completion. And all along the way, he keeps you informed. Designing, creating, specifying, executing and communicating — these skills are all reasons to choose Mason Elliott Designs for your kitchen and bath remodeling in Asheville.